A serenade for your loved ones... and you 'This is possibly one of the most relaxing CDs we have ever had the pleasure of experiencing with the children ... It has been really popular with all ages and is a definite winner with staff!' Practical Pre-School Awards Reviewer Baby Harp is a selection of beautiful melodies, classical and popular. It was recorded by sixteen of the world's finest harpists-The London Harp Sound-in the beautiful church of St-Jude-on-the-Hill, in London's leafy Hampstead Garden Suburb. The musicians created a warm, glowing sound and a magical mood, with a view to soothing and enchanting young children and their parents. Our Unique Musical Formula has two ingredients! We discovered that large groups of harps (or cellos-see back page) make the loveliest sounds when everyone plays in an almost totally relaxed fashion, much more so than typically when they are playing solo or in an orchestra. This, when combined with the extraordinary aura of richness and depth which emerges when so many of the same instrument play together, communicates a precious sense of tranquillity and repose to the listener. When we played this music to babies and youngsters they drifted off almost immediately, with a smile. But we found that not only could we calm them at sleep time or when they were anxious, we could also engage them when in a receptive mood. Thus babymusic.com was born, as the online resource of Cala Records and the Swiss Global Artistic Foundation for babies, their parents, and all who love them. And we're delighted when our music is enjoyed by adults too, for relaxation and entertainment!

Baby Harp